Tips For Beginners On Selecting The Right Crochet Patterns

By Cynthia Acres

When first starting out with crocheting, it's often hard to know where to start or to know which crochet patterns are the best to use or try out. Thanks to the wonderful resources made available of the internet or through how-to books, our options are virtually limitless. But where do you start?

Try starting with the basic, keeping it simple. Get to know the basic tools that you will be using throughout your crocheting experience such as hooks and what sizes they come in, as well as their over all use. Following this, try to learn about other tools such as cut-outs, which will come later on in time. Gaining knowledge about the terminology, different stitches and special notations are also strongly advised, which you can also print out for future use.

Beginning with a simple starting chain is usually the first step recommend to beginners, all of which you can find many tutorials on, whether they are purely by written instruction, illustration or photo-based. The key is doing what is comfortable for you the most. You can do a simple search for beginners on the starting chain, and also keep in mind the proper hooks you'll need for the pattern.

Another good basic start is learning how to do a single crochet, which follows the starting chain. There are numerous videos and picture tutorials that focus on this, as well as helpful guides on how to turn in the second row and what follows next. Practice the single crochet, and once you feel ready to, try to find an easy-to-do pattern and instructions such as with a scarf.

Once you feel you have developed enough to carry on, you may start to notice how things are narrowing a bit with your rows. Often enough this is due to a last stitch being missed in each row. You can count until you see where there is one less stitch in every row, then try to correct it by seeing what the stitch should look like, then crocheting in each last stitch of each row. If you need more help, again, there are plenty of guides to help you.

Once you have reached a comfortable level, find helpful guides on double crochet, how to weave ends, and how to decrease a single crochet. You can also find step-by-step guides with the proper steps to take in your journey at beginning crochet, as well as good crochet patterns such as doll blankets that you can do following this, until you feel you're ready for more. - 31807

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Create A Classic Garment Using Crochet Cable

By Cynthia Acres

Crochet cables are a classic crochet stitch and while cabling is more common in knitting you can achieve the effect crocheting as well. The two main stitches needed for cabling include a double crochet stitch and the chain stitch. As with any type of crochet the chain is the foundation of the piece. A cable required five rows that are repeated over and over again.

The very first row of the cable uses double crochet stitches. This is done by wrapping the yarn around the hook, sliding the hook into the first chain, wrapping the yarn around again and then pulling the hoop back through the chain.

When crocheting it is important to remember that unlike with knitting crocheting requires loose stitches otherwise you will get spaces in the pattern which should not be present.

This type of use is used to increase the stitches as the cable will require a way to increase and then decrease the stitches. If you are unsure of what a stitch post is than you should look up a crocheting glossary.

The third row uses chain stitches, double crochet stitches and treble stitches. The rest of the rows are a mirror of the first few rows and this pattern is repeated until the length of the piece is correct. There are many pictures and guides that can detail exactly how this is done as many times seeing this performed makes everything clear.

If you do not usually use crochet cabling than you should definitely practice a bit so you get the type of result that you want. You will be very pleased with the results using this stitch. - 31807

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What Exactly Is Amigurumi Crochet?

By Cynthia Acres

There has been a literal explosion of amigurumi crochet all over the Internet. This is an explosion of extreme cuteness because amigurumi are miniature animals or dolls that are made with yarn and stuffed. They were first made in Japan but now are made just about everywhere. Just check online craft stores and you will see all kinds of cute little animals crocheted from yarn. In Japanese ami means things made from yarn and nuigurumi is the name of a specific doll that has no arms and legs, just a large head and torso. The first amigurumi are patterned after these dolls. These are probably the easiest things to make and are appropriate for a beginner to try.

Crocheting is not a craft that is native to Japan. Samurai learned how to knit in order to make socks with toes that allowed them a better freedom of movement. Because the Japanese people did not have patterns for knitting or crocheting that came down from generation to generation they began to make their own thing. Charts to make the cute little animals where developed using Japanese calligraphy. Some of these charts are works of art themselves.

The little stuffed animals made an appearance in the fifties when the Japanese culture was moving toward everything being cute. Hello Kitty the large headed white cat with pink dress and bow became popular at that time. In the sixties the rural agricultural way of life for many Japanese changed and families moved into the cities and became workaholics. Hello Kitty and other cute little animal icons where created in a mass market in order to pacify people that were literally working themselves to death. The cute little amigurumi animals could be made quickly with out much fuss and helped satisfy the creative element in life and the cuteness that many people wanted to have in their lives. These little animals were made and given something akin to greeting cards to people that needed a boost in life.

The crochet hook used to make the animals is smaller than normal with the size of yarn being used. You start crocheting and keep going in a big spiral pattern that is never stopped until you are done and that means the first stitch in each row must be marked in order to see where you are in the pattern. The Japanese charts were only ideas. No animal is the same and it is acceptable to change the pattern to make your own creation.

If you feel that you may not be able to read a chart there are patterns made with the directions written out. Stitches are very simple using only a single crochet and chain. You either decrease or increase rows in order to make the shape of the animal.

The best thing about making the crochet animals is that any yarn left over from a project can be used. They do not take much and certainly not an entire hank of yarn. Some put beads and sequins on their creations. They are usually stuffed with poly fiberfill but old torn stockings can also be used. Many times they are filled with pellets or dry beans to make them more of a bean bag consistency. Patterns for cupcakes, lions, kittens, birds, and human like dolls in different professions can be found on line with a simple search. If you can crochet you will have no trouble trying to make one. And if you do be careful, they get very addictive and you will not be able to stop. - 31807

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Learning About A Crochet Quilt

By Cynthia Acres

For many years there have been theories as to the beginning of crocheting. Spain, China and most countries in the world in the 1800's have been mentioned as its originator. Be that as it may, millions of people throughout the world enjoy this pastime. For many years crocheted items for babies were made, including quilts for cribs. In recent years the art of making a full sized crochet quilt has become popular.

Originally used to create such things as lace and other adornments it was soon found practical for clothing and bed coverings. For many years afghans were a favorite and many won ribbons at county fairs. They were especially appreciated for their practical use when someone was ill.

People who do not particularly like to make quilts using material and a sewing machine have found that they can make beautiful quilts by crocheting. When placed on a bed the quilts stand out with their bright colors and complicated designs. It has been found that designs such as Dresden plate are lovely when done by crochet.

Crocheting is easy to learn and there are many people available who would be happy to teach it. Senior centers and rest homes are excellent sources as these people are anxious to teach a craft in which they are an expert. This helps them by giving them something to look forward to and helps the learner find a, relaxing way to learn a new hobby.

As always, the quality of the material used in any project is important. In crocheting this refers to the type of yarn selected for the project. Many people prefer to use worsted weight yarn but the store where the yarn is purchased will, no doubt, have an expert on hand who can give advice regarding a project.

Many of the quilts are simply crotched blocks that are then put together with a tapestry needle. This is simple when something like a Nine Patch Quilt is made. As with a handmade quilt, each block is put in a certain color pattern for the overall effect.

The pride of having personally completed a thing of beauty just using a crochet needle and yarn is unbelievable. As family members and others compliment the lovely, completed product that adorns the bed one realizes that it was well worth the long hours it took for construction. Making a crochet quilt creates a thing of beauty that will be handed down from generation to generation. - 31807

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Useful Fashion Essentials: Scarf

By Ron Smith

Scarf may be a simple piece of cloth but it is something that you do not want to miss out in your closet. Aside from its various uses, it keeps you in fashion if you just know the right way to wear it. Originated from Ancient Rome, this special cloth made of silk or wool has evolved to become part of fashion for both men and women.

Scarves Have Different Purposes. Men were the first to wear the scarf and it was originally called as sudarium. They would usually wrap it around their neck, and use it to wipe their faces from sweat caused by desert heat. It was then the women who tried to wear them as a fashion accessory and has become popular worldwide since then.

Regardless the climate you have in your place, you can always wear this piece of clothing accessory. You may use it to keep yourself warm during the winter season as you can wrap it around your neck together with your gloves and coat. You just have to make sure that their colors match to give you a stylish look even in a cold, dull weather. On the other hand, if you live in a dusty, dry environment, you can also use it to cover your head. It can surely protect your hair from airborne impurities and keep it clean.

Religion also has influenced the use of these accessories. Judaism and Islam require their women to wear head scarves as a sign of modesty. Their men also wear it when doing their rituals especially when praying. Other Christian religions also use head scarves as part of their dress code for their ritual ceremonies.

The scarf actually has a variety of uses. Some have included it as part of their uniform to represent their university and college. In scouting, each group has different scarves to identify themselves from the rest of the groups. In support for their favorite teams, football fans even wear colorful scarves for cheering.

How do we wear scarves? If you want the traditional and popular way of wearing it, you can wear it around your neck. You can tie a small scarf around it into a square shape to make it look like a choker. You can also tie it to form a bowtie. Or just let the loops fall after tying so it will look like a necktie.

During winter months, a scarf-looking cloth called pashmina is worn to give you extra warmth. Made from cashmere, wool or silk, it is crafted to wrap several times around the neck. During summer season, while riding your bicycle, you may use a scarf to keep your hair in place. You can tie it under your chin or make it look like a head band and tie it at the back of your head.

Aside from wearing the scarf around your neck or as a hair cover, you can also use it to wrap your waist as a belt or your hips to make it look smaller. You can even use it as a shawl when you wear a tube, feeling uncomfortable exposing your shoulders. The good thing about this piece of wardrobe accessory is that it is not limited to clothes alone. You may also use it to accessorize your stuff such as handbags or purse.

Whatever occasion or reason for wearing it, just have fun and be unique to achieve a sense of sophistication. It is just a matter of creativeness to make a fashion statement. - 31807

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Local vs. Online Quilt Shops: Which is the Better Option?

By Annie Soregue

If you are looking for a certain fabric for a special project, you may either buy it locally or order it on the Internet. Local and online quilt shops offer various benefits to their customers. And it pays to know these benefits so that you can choose which shopping option suits your needs better.

A great benefit of buying fabric at a brick-and-mortar quilt store is that it allows you to feel the texture of the fabrics it sells. This you cannot do when you shop online, as all you can see are photos of quilts on online product catalogs.

The expertise of the store personnel is also one thing that you can get from the local quilt shops in your area. Most quilt stores hire experienced quilters as their staff, so customers can get assistance and even suggestion on making the right choice of fabrics. And if you are a frequent buyer in a local store, the staff will know your name as well as your preferences.

Online quilt stores have become a more attractive option for consumers nowadays. These quilt retailers on the Web offer one thing that local shops cannot match: convenience.

Shopping for quilts online is the better choice if you are too busy to go to a local quilt shop or if no such store is available in your area. You only need to use your computer and Internet connection to search shops that offer the fabric you need. The best thing abut it is that you can do it without leaving your home.

Only a few mouse clicks will take you to the store that has the fabric you need in stock. It is very easy to place an order on an online quilt store. And once you have done so, you can expect your order to be delivered to you in no time.

There are quilt shops on the Web that sell fabrics at budget-friendly prices for consumers who have limited budgets. To choose the one that offers the best price, you also need to consider the shipping and handling costs when calculating your order's total cost.

Go local or buy online? The answer depends on your needs. But if you want to save time, effort, and money, then shopping online is the better option. - 31807

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Take A Crochet Class And Learn A New Hobby

By Cynthia Acres

Not much is known about the beginnings of crochet, but it is believed that the earliest crocheting was done by finger crocheting. In finger crocheting, you merely use your fingers instead of hooks. But, for most of history crochet has been done with hooks. To learn this useful skill, you can take a crochet class.

Today, crochet is primarily created by using soft yarns. Crochet is used to produce mostly clothing and blankets. The crochet stitch can be made by machine but it is mainly a home craft. Though crochet is mostly thought of as a women's hobby, there are men who are starting to pick up the craft.

There are crochet classes in most every city in the country. You can start with a basic class if you have never learned crochet before. In the basic classes you will be taught how to choose the yarn and how to work with the tools. In addition, you will learn how to read the patterns. You will get simple patterns to work with.

If you take more advanced crochet classes, you will learn to make larger more complex items. You will learn about other crochet techniques and be able to do more creative things with the yarn. One technique you might learn is Delta crocheting; in this technique you crochet in triangles.

What items can you crochet once you learn how to do it. You can make clothing, headbands, shawls, quilts, items for your baby and much more. The more techniques you learn the more items you can create. One reason the hobby remains popular is that the materials needed are inexpensive and easy to get.

To some people, crocheting seems like something only your grandmother does. But, it is a popular hobby with many different ages. It is relaxing, rewarding and can be beneficial to those who suffer the pan of arthritis. You should consider taking a crochet class to learn more about this hobby. - 31807

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